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Our School

Whitefield Community Primary is a co-educational School providing continuous education for children between the ages of 3+ and 11. We focus on educating all our children, to make the most of their abilities so that they will progress to their senior schools as confident, independent children with a joy of learning. more...

Ofsted Report

Pupils’ behaviour is outstanding. They enjoy coming to school and care deeply about each other. Pupils relish the opportunity of taking on responsibilities, they are polite and welcoming and say that they feel safe at all times.Achievement has improved significantly this year, especially in mathematics and for boys. more...

School performance tables

What We Do

At Whitefield Community Primary, we believe that mutual respect must underpin everything we do. Children must learn to respect each other as individuals. In order to learn, children must be happy and feel secure in their environment Whitefield Community Primary is full of happy children and the environment is caring and allows children the freedom to develop as individuals. more...

Term Dates 2015/16

  • Autum Term 2015

    School opens 2nd September
    Term ends 19tth December
    Half term holiday school breaks up
    23th October re-opens November 3rd

    Spring Term 2016

    School opens 4th January
    Term ends 30th March
    Half term holiday school breaks up
    12th Febuary re-opens Febuary 22nd
  • Summer Term 2016

    School opens 11th April
    Term ends 20th July
    Term ends 19tth December
    May Bank Holiday 4th May
    Closed for local Elections May 5th
    Half term holiday school breaks up
    27nd May re-opens June 6th

Important Information!

Teachers To Parents’ Text Service

The school has recently introduced a text messaging service for parents. For this to work: Parent/Guardians are reminded that the school needs current Contact Numbers. Please Contact the School on 0161 766 2852 or call in to the school office.

What the law says about attendance.

As a parent, you’re legally responsible for making sure your child attends school regularly unless you’re home-educating.

Missing school causes severe disruption to a child’s education, and affects their performance in exams and chances later in life. The law is tough if it’s decided that you allowed your child to miss school (or ‘truant’) regularly. Truancy is best tackled together by parents and school staff. If you suspect your child has not gone to school, contact the school straight away and ask for help.