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School Year Groups

( Nursery / Reception ) Teachers: Mrs G Knights / Mrs E Whittle

Foundation Stage
Autumn 1
This half term, the Foundation Stage have been welcoming new Nursery and Reception children to Whitefield Community Primary School. They have all settled in well and have enjoyed meeting new friends!
One of our topics has been looking at the season of Autumn. We read non-fiction books and went on an Autumn walk around the school grounds collecting colourful Autumn leaves which we used to create Autumn collages. We also made patterns using Autumn objects and wrote about what we found on our walk. At the end of the half term we peeled and chopped root vegetables and made some delicious vegetable soup which we all enjoyed eating!

We also have been learning all about Pirates! The Foundation Stage thoroughly enjoyed using telescopes to find pirate objects and dressing up as pirates.  We read lots of pirate stories and found out lots of information about pirates. In class, the children sang some pirate songs including ‘Five Little Pirates’ and ‘Ten Jolly Pirates’ which helped the children learn how to count backwards. We also did some writing about pirate treasure and made a map to show where they had hidden their treasure. One of our favourite activities was tasting tropical pirate fruit and discussing our favourites. On the last day of half term we all came to school dressed as pirates for an amazing pirate party. The children played pirate themed games and ate pirate biscuits and pirate boats made from oranges.

The children have done lots of baking during this half term which the children thoroughly enjoyed. We have been fortunate that the weather has been good this half term and the children have benefitted from spending lots of time playing and learning in the sunshine.

Teacher: Miss C Edge

Year 1
Half Termly Newsletter

Year 1 have had a fantastic start to the year and covered lots of work already!


In maths, we have been counting and ordering numbers to 100 as well as working with shapes and measure. The children particularly enjoyed using a metre stick to measure objects in our school playground and learning to use dice to complete maths challenges.

We started off the term by story mapping ‘Meerkat Mail’ using actions and repetition to help us remember the structure. We then went on to write our own adventure stories about an animal of our choice. There were lots of scary crocodiles and lovely butterflies!
Instructional writing was next on our list and we decided to help Goldilocks make a jam sandwich for her tea party. First we made the sandwiches and then we told Goldilocks how to make one using lots of ‘bossy’ verbs. I think the children’s favourite part was eating them!

For the last two weeks, we spent time reading and writing poems…mostly about worms! Every child in Year 1 recited the ‘Wriggly Earthworm’ poem and in pairs they filmed each other using a camera. The children thought of some excellent adjectives to describe how the worms wriggled and slithered. Some children even dared to hold one



Our question this term was ‘Why can’t meerkats live in the North Pole?’ The children have been learning all about animals that live in the desert and how they survive. We compared them to animals that live in the North and South Poles and discussed how they were similar and different. We explored world maps and discovered where the equator is and how it affects particular countries. The children produced fantastic work and we had some very interesting discussions.  

Our science question this term was ‘Why are tigers not like humans?’ We linked our science and topic work together to develop a deeper understanding of animals and how they live. The children learnt how to sort and classify animals on where they live and on the foods that they eat. We labelled parts of the human body and looked in close detail how we compare to other animals.

Our theme of animals linked into other subjects and we created a dance based on a lion and a mouse. The children experimented with movement and how they could change their speed and actions to resemble the different creatures.


Year 1 have been discovering the meaning of belonging and how it relates to them. In particular, we have focused on Christians and looked at the ways that they show their belonging. We re-enacted a baptism to learn how Christians welcome children to their faith.


The last week of term was anti-bullying week and the children were tasked with designing and making a t-shirt to promote awareness about the issue. We looked at different slogans and thought about how we could make our t-shirts most effective. Year 1 had some excellent suggestions at how we could ‘stamp out’ bullying and we were very pleased with the end result!

Teacher: Miss P Richards

This half term, Year 2 have been learning all about our local area. The title of our investigation has been ‘Where would you take Dora The Explorer?’ We have looked at maps of the Whitefield and have used Street View to examine the attractions the children visit. The children have worked together in groups to explore why a place is enjoyable to visit.
In Literacy we have been exploring a range of different writing genres. We have looked at some stories in familiar settings as well as non-fiction texts such as information texts. The children particularly loved researching lots of details about sharks and presenting them in their work. We have also done lots of work on instruction writing. The children have had the opportunity to make an egg and cress sandwich. They have also been outside in the school garden and dug up some potatoes to bake in the oven. At every opportunity they have used the cameras to take photographs of the different stages which they later sequenced and wrote instructions for.


We have also been working very hard in Numeracy this half term. We have worked with money to calculate totals and find the change. Addition and subtraction work has been done using Numicon apparatus as well as mental strategies. We have recently begun our work on time. Please help to reinforce your child’s learning as much as possible by discussing time with them and applying it to their daily experiences. I hope to have all of the children telling the time independently very soon!



Teacher: Mr A Grover

In Literacy, we have been worked very hard to get some fantastic work into our Best Writing books. The children started off the year by learning how to write a set of instructions, such as a recipe, before moving on to writing a recount. We wrote some outstanding recounts about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, detailing our thoughts and feelings as if the children were there when the volcano first erupted!
In the final two weeks of this half term, Year 3 worked on the topic of Poems. We read and learned some poems off by heart, before learning some different techniques to help us write our own! The children’s poems were about an animal of their choice, detailing their personalities, appearance and likes/dislikes. These poems were eventually included in our Best Writing books.

In Maths we have been learning many skills and strategies, this half term largely focusing on place value to help us with addition and subtraction questions. The children also looked at 2D and 3D shapes, on one occasion learning outside of the classroom creating their own 2D shapes on the playground!


We have been learning all about the power of the earth, looking at volcanoes and different climate zones over the world. The children wrote recounts in Literacy using scientific terminology to describe an eruption, as well creating factfiles on famous volcanoes around the world. We even made our own volcanoes in Art & Design, which the children thoroughly enjoyed!

The children have been learning lots of new skills in PE this half term, playing football with the coach as well as basketball skills with Mr Grover. These skills include dribbling, passing and shooting. The children have impressed during this time, with some potential future stars!

Other subjects include French, which the children have enjoyed tremendously. They’re learning the basics of the language, and more, from the fluent french speaking Mrs Donnelly! In ICT we have been creating our own presentations about Rocks from our Science topic. The children learned many different skills, including adding animation and transition to PowerPoint, and inserting text and pictures - invaluable skills for the future!

We have had a themed week in school this half term all about anti-bullying. In class we learned all about different types of bullying and how we can stop it. Some children even performed a theatrical play on the topic for the rest of the class! We made our own anti-bullying badges to wear around school, reminding people about the issue.

Teacher: Mrs A Russell

Coming Soon!

Teacher: Miss A Meller

Autumn 1

This half term, year 5 have been learning all about the Ancient Greeks, looking particularly at Ancient Greek myths and Greek gods and goddesses.

In literacy, we have read a number of short Ancient Greek myths such as: Theseus and the Minotaur, Daedalus and Icarus, Arachne and Athena, Pegasus the Flying Horse and Apollo and Daphne to name but a few.  We used these stories to learn how to produce a fact file on the Greek gods and goddesses using appropriate punctuation such as colons and bullet points.  We also used a number of resources to help research our fact files such as the internet and non-fiction books.  Furthermore, we learnt how to use storyboards to map our own interpretations of the story, together with putting our fantastic drama skills to good use by acting these out.  Following on from this, we developed our letter writing skills to persuade King Minos to stop sending poor children to be eaten by the Minotaur.  Some of us even wrote to the Minotaur himself, using powerful vocabulary to capture their attention.  Using all of our new knowledge of Ancient Greek myths, we then created our own Ancient Greek creature.  We used a thesaurus to look at synonyms to really bring our creature to life through words.  We even included a number of similes and metaphors to create a vivid image in the reader’s mind.

In science, we have been looking at the life cycles of animals and humans, asking ourselves the key question of: ‘do all animals and plants start life as an egg?’  We were very hands on during this topic dissecting a flower to identify its key elements, together with planting seeds to investigate the germination process of a plant.

The theme of the Ancient Greeks carried over in to our topic work, where we looked at key events in the Ancient Greek timeline.  In order to do this, we produced our own Ancient Greek timeline, together with a British history timeline to put dates and events into context.  We studied the terrain and landscape of Greece today compared to thousands of years ago.  We also looked at where Greece is on a map, with a particular focus on Athens, Sparta and Marathon.  We thoroughly enjoyed learning about Athens v Sparta, together with the Battle of Marathon.  We produced some amazing Ancient Greek art work based on these battles, many of which can be seen on our class display board.  We also wrote a recount of the Battle of Marathon, putting ourselves in the mind set of an Athenian or Persian soldier.  This really helped us to understand the issues caused by the mountainous terrain of Athens compared to that of Marathon who were surrounded by water.

In early October, we had the opportunity to visit Media City as part of a Filmclub project set to run in school next half term.  We were very lucky to have a tour of Media City, together with learning about the different career opportunities available within the media sector.  We then viewed a number of short films, using our descriptive skills to produce a verbal and written review.  Afterwards, the Project Co-ordinator for Filmclub commented on how well behaved and enthusiastic year 5 had been. 

Our last week of term was a themed week all about anti-bullying.  Each year group took part in a different Design & Technology task; year 5 were given the task of creating an anti-bullying board game.  We worked extremely hard on these: we developed a plan as a team; we created the board as a team, and then evaluated our board game and participation as an individual.  The whole task was a great success and highlighted the amazing creativity within year 5!

Teacher: Mrs K Dearing

 Autumn 1

This half term, year 6 has been learning all about The Victorian era of British history. We have been reading a novel set in Victorian times and we have been learning all about Queen Victoria in our topic work.


In literacy, we have been reading “The Street Child” by Berlie Doherty. The Street child is a fictional account of the experiences of Jim Jarvis, a young orphan who escapes the workhouse in 1860's London and survives brutal treatment and desperate circumstances until he is taken in by Dr. Barnardo, founder of a school for the city's "ragged" children. We have been using the book to learn how to write letters from one character to another, how to write in a persuasive style, how to write a recount of the journey Jim went on and to also write detailed descriptions about different settings of the book. We also drew maps of the journey Jim went on so we had a visual image to help with our writing.



In topic, we have been learning all about Queen Victoria and how she influenced life in Manchester during her reign. At the end of September we went on a trip to the People’s History Museum in Manchester, here we learnt all about life in factories in Manchester during the Victorian times and how people eventually earned the rights to having a union due to them going “on strike”. In the afternoon we were taken on a guided tour of Manchester where we learnt all about influential people in Manchester during the Victorian times and we also saw buildings that were built during that period in history. We also learnt about the Manchester Bee, this led us to producing some fantastic mosaic art work that can be found outside of our classroom.

In early October we were invited to Parrenthorn High School for a taster morning. We had a fabulous tour of the school and we were taught drama and ICT. We were allowed to ask the prefects anything we liked about high school, it really calmed our nerves. We had a fabulous morning and it definitely made some of us want to go there next September.
Six of our year 6 class went to Castlebrook High School to take part in a spelling bee competition, we were winning all the way through the competition but lost the tie breaker spelling of “prioritise”. We ended up coming second in the competition and we were all very proud of ourselves!

We have been on ANOTHER trip this half term to Sharston recycling centre. Here, we learned all about how to recycle ANYTHING. Our school is trying to become more eco-friendly and so we learned all about how we can recycle things properly in school, some members of our class do the recycling around school already but now we need to teach the teachers how to be even more eco-friendly.


We have had a themed week in school this half term all about anti-bullying; we did our class assembly based on this theme. In class we learnt all about different types of bullying and how we can stop it or help victims of bullying. We learnt that we shouldn’t be bystanders and we should always tell an adult if we feel threatened or worried by the actions of another person. We worked really hard learning our lines and we think the rest of the school really enjoyed it.